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Spring 2017 • Volume 2, Issue 1 

In April 2016, Alpha Chi debuted the first issue of its new online journal of undergraduate scholarship. In keeping with the strong tradition of student involvement in all levels of Alpha Chi, the journal provides a forum for students to become actively involved in the writing, peer review, and publication process.

The editorial staff at Aletheia works hard to make its peer review a good place to start—helping you craft a high-quality article and providing you with feedback from scholars in your field. Peer-reviewed articles accepted for publication exemplify the best research practices in a field and offer a way to add legitimate value to a curriculum vitae. 

To read more about the peer review process and the journal's scope and workflow, to read the author's instructions for submitting a manuscript, or to find out how you, as a graduate student member, can become a reviewer, please visit the other tabs within this section of our website. 

Submissions to the journal may be sent at any time. If accepted, a submission will be published in the next available issue after it has been fully reviewed and prepared for publication.   
Synonyms:  truth, disclosure, factuality, reality, sincerity, straightforwardness, the state of being evident
Pronunciation:  uh LEE thee uh (