The Alpha Chi Recorder

The Recorder, Alpha Chi's scholarly journal, is mailed to chapters at the request of chapter sponsors. By default, all chapters receive five copies of both the Undergraduate and Alumni issues. The fall Alumni Issue publishes work by Alpha Chi alumni, faculty sponsors, other faculty at institutions with Alpha Chi chapters, and others with some association with the society. The spring Undergraduate Issue publishes work done by student members only. A typical issue contains cover art and five to eight papers or projects in the text.

A fall Proceedings Issue publishes the Society's national and regional meeting minutes, financial reports, convention programs, and other various business matters of historical record. Beginning in 2009, this issue is available solely online.

Alumni Issue Fall 2013

Undergraduate Issue
Spring 2014*

*Matthew Dieterich's thoroughly researched geological article provides one avenue into a discussion of fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, a process of natural gas drilling involving pressurized liquid. The topic is highly debated by geologists, economists, ethicists, public policy makers, legislators, and many others--thus it's highly suited for a friendly discussion by Alpha Chi members, especially in a year when our theme is The Future of Water. Dieterich and the winning collaborative research project team at Gardner-Webb, who also worked on fracking, have agreed to extend the discussion onto our Facebook page, and we hope you'll come join us. After you've read the article here, you're invited to join the discussion.